At Cortex Agritechnology we take pride in the carefully selected relationships we have fostered with our global partners, to ensure we are able to provide unmatched service and knowledge.


For over 25 years they have been driving impact for our customers by providing groundbreaking technology solutions that challenge the status quo. The mode40 team are visionaries and innovators who have a passion for blazing new trails, developing solutions and systems where none existed before.

Whether you are taking your first step into automation, need a retrofit solution that integrates with existing processes, or are looking to implement PLCSCADAMES or ERP systems from the ground up, mode40 is experienced in all levels of Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, and IoT.


SafetyChain is the #1 plant management platform purpose-built to improve yield, maximize productivity, and ensure compliance standards for process manufacturers.

SafetyChain provides a complete solution to capture, manage, and analyze critical operations and continuous improvement data from anywhere, at any time, on any device. With real-time dashboards and reporting, SafetyChain can drive enterprise-wide continuous improvement and enable better, faster decision-making.

Along with these critical benefits, Cortex can work with you to add additional value by integrating hardware that complements SafetyChain’s OEE analytics packages.


Livestock Welfare Strategies offers professional services and consulting to better agriculture and produce technology solutions all over the world. With years of experience in handling agri-business concerns, Jeff Hill, President of Livestock Welfare Strategies, helps producers across the globe better their animal, livestock, and produce handling with modern, tried-and-true methods.

Offering technical solutions, emergency preparedness & response tools, and animal welfare programming, LWS is deeply entrenched in research & development to better the animal agriculture industry.


Traceability in the palm of your hand.

PassPorc is leading the way in RFID technology and animal welfare when it comes to hogs – from birth all the way to slaughter. By recording dosage, vaccinations, treatments and mortalities, insight allows you to anticipate the hyperproductivity of your sows.

PassPorc allows you to:

  • associate piglet with its mother from birth
  • Access economic criteria by animal
  • Vaccination schedule management
  • Causes and types of treatment
  • Animal health records
  • And much more.


AgriHub provides total farm services such as design build, equipment supply and install, farm advisory services and supplies across Canada via local brands such as Penner Farm Services in Manitoba and Western Ag Systems in Saskatchewan.  With 7 brands, 12 regional offices and more than 225 agriculture experts in their employ, they have been proud supporters of the essential business of Canadian Agriculture for more than 60 years and are ready to assist you to build and further develop your hog, poultry, dairy, milling or grain operation.


Arrowsight provides secure strategic solutions and secure tools to a number of industries around the globe. Anchored in excellent and longstanding relationships, their goal is to continuously promote achievments in client partner safety, quality, compliance, and financial performance.

They have pioneered Remote Video Coaching (RVC) solutions, while continuing to advance proprietary software and hardware capabilities with an open platform.