Our goal is to build and support reliable, flexible, and scalable technology solutions that will drive impact for your business now, and in the future. From mobile monitoring and alerts to enterprise IT/OT strategy development, our team has years of cross-industry experience providing us with the expertise to plan, implement, and manage the technology solutions you need to create lasting value for your business.

Feed Plannr creates informed automation using your farm’s variables to optimize profits, reduce run-outs and maximize animal growth. Feed Plannr evaluates your current feed usage vs your potential feed usage to ensure every delivery is a full load, reducing environmental impact and delivery urgency for all parties along the supply chain.
Rely on animal science algorithms for over 90% accuracy in your feed modeling automation.

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DataPro’s compact data reader provides insight into your barns legacy controller, ventilation system, feed consumption model, and water system, enabling you to make informed efficiency decisions to optimize production.

Make your barn a ‘smart barn’ by unlocking your data with DataPro. Book your free consultation today.

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Bring your legacy lagoon controller on-line with LagoonPro. Providing remote insight into the performance, status and level of your lagoon, the LagoonPro is made for livestock and poultry producers who are looking to take the guesswork out of monitoring their farms data.

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Bring the Cortex Agritechnology team in to discuss unlocking your production potential. Whether you are looking for streamlined reporting, feed consumption modeling or efficiency discussions, Cortex Agritechnology is your go to partner.