Feed Plannr

What Is Feed Plannr?

Feed Plannr creates informed automation using your farm’s variables to optimize profits, reduce run-outs and maximize animal growth. Feed Plannr evaluates your current feed usage vs your potential feed usage to ensure every delivery is a full load, reducing environmental impact and delivery urgency for all parties along the supply chain. Rely on animal science algorithms for over 90% accuracy in your feed modeling automation. We use a number of unique variables including animal type, weather, genetics, sex, health, growth standards, and more. Feed Plannr is entirely customizable for your veterinarian and nutrition needs.

Supply Chain Optimization

  • Utilizes animal science algorithm
  • Increases feed system automation to approximately 90%
  • Over 90% accurate in prediction and anticipation of feed levels, animal ship dates, and weight optimization
  • Ability to forecast feed planning up to 4 weeks out
  • Requires low human intervention
  • Zero hardware requirements
  • ROI potential of 20X


Use actual consumption data and modeling to improve weight predictions, while experiencing up to 20x ROI.


With intelligent data modeling, prioritize orders to bins that need it most, while eliminating rush orders, ensuring each load delivered is a full load.


With FeedPlannr, there is no need for multiple points of data entry. Feed orders are system generated based on usage and feed delivery input.

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