What Is DataPro?

Bring your legacy controller online with the DataPro.

Data Pro upgrades your legacy controller into a smart monitoring system. Digital alerts are sent directly to you and your maintenance team, preventing loss to your animals and equipment while optimizing production.

  • Remote monitoring & custom alert system
  • Collects & reports data from all controllers & sensors (generic, legacy and new)
  • Dashboard displays sensor data in form of graph and chart on your mobile device


Monitors systems such as Phason, EBQ, Cumberland TC4, Single Purpose Controller Scraper, Feedline, Doors, and all other controllers and sensors.


DataPro is supported and serviced by the AgriHub Family of Companies


Provides digital reports & alerts to your smart device for doors, lights, temperature, water pumps, fridges, manure systems, defective fans, fire potential and more.

Multiple Systems, a Single Data Hub!

  • Custom Reporting
  • Connect various systems
  • No new hardware needed for additional sensors
  • Monitoring/Alerts
  • Data Analytics
  • Easy to read dashboard
  • All Farms, All Buildings, One Spot!

Smart Farming for the Future.

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